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Our staff of licensed massage therapists and cosmetologists invites you to visit our comfortable, peaceful atmosphere where you will always be well cared. Whether you would like to spend a whole day relaxing with spa and beauty treatments, or just need a quick pick-me-up, you are sure to find something to satisfy you .

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This invigorating process improves everyone's skin. Removing the outer layers of dead skin, exfoliation causes the body to renew its outer dermal layers faster, allowing better oxygenation of the skin. Every product you use after this process – even those you use at home – will work better.. Paired with any of our body wraps, exfoliation yields even better results .

Fruitty-Beautty Body Polish: 30 min-$95.

Fruit Scrub -  for all skin types.  help stimulate blood circulation & removes dead skin cells & any impurities, leaving your body feeling cleansed and smooth.

Mokko-chocco Body Scrub: 30 min-$95.

Guilt-free chocolate. The guilt free way to enjoy the decadence of chocolate, without the calories isn't just to stare at it...! Cocoa is rich in antioxidants, (Vitamin A and E) which increase blood circulation while cocoa butter hydrates and soothes the skin!

Aromatic Salty Body Buffing: 30 min-$95.

Dampened mineral sea salts mixed with essential oils exfoliate dead cells, clean and refine the skin. The oils are gently massaged over the body using a light circular friction to deeply cleanse and invigorate.

Wraps and Masks

Hot Chocolate Stimulating Body Wrap: 50 min-$120.

Cutting-edge cellulite wrap stimulates your body’s ability to break down fat, increase metabolism and eliminate water retention., all natural ingredients rich in Vitamin A and E , polysaccharides and proteins, smoothes and enhances overall skin texture, visibly reducing spongy, dimply cellulite areas. Tighten and tone the skin and help stimulate the body to rid itself of trapped toxins, excess fat and excessive trapped lymph fluids.

Dessert Heat Relaxing Body Wrap: 50 min-$115.

An application of a luxurious warm mud enriched in natural minerals and trace elements, high copper content to aid in releasing toxins from the body. Its re-mineralizing properties cleanse, balance, and sooth the skin while anti-inflammatory agents aid in relieving achy muscles and joint pain. Caused by such ailments as osteoarthritis.

Moroccan Cocoon with Rassoul Purification Body Mask: 50 min-$115.

This body mask is particularly effective on congested or oily skin, as the clay tones and tightens. However, our assortment of clays with different properties can be customized for any common skin type from oily to dry.

Mermaid Hydrating Body Mask: 50 min-$115.

Reduces excess fluid, detoxes the whole body, including skin and internal organs. Helps smooth the appearance of cellulite while improving skin elasticity. Due to the presence of iodine in this product, this treatment is not recommended for people with heart problems, shellfish allergies or thyroid problems. Natural seaweed infuses the skin with vital mineral salts and alginates to restore moisture and elasticity, while firming and toning spongy, dehydrated skin.

Black Magma Rejuvenating Mask: 50 min-$115.

Detoxifies the body by breaking down lactic and other acids that accumulate in the joints and muscles. Reduces the pain of rheumatoid arthritis and similar ailments. Mud also balances female hormones present in the body to reduce related pain.
 This mineral-rich mud is great for people with a poor diet or otherwise suffering from a lack of proper mineral intake. Also smoothes rough-textured skin and clears sluggish, congested skin problems.

Vegetarian Vital Body Mask: 50 min-$115.

Our secret blend of vegetable skin nutriants . From archives of the QUEEN.

Water Lily After Sun Soothing Wrap: 50 min-$100.

This after-sun soothing wrap immediately repairs sun damage and calms a sunburn. Also appropriate for highly sensitive skins, this wrap is applied cool to the skin, to draw heat and calm inflammation.. Depending on your level of burn or irritation, the appropriate body moisturizer will also be applied.

Neptune Slimming Twist: Half Body-$80. Full Body-$120.

This is a great kick-off for anyone beginning a diet or weight-loss program. What better way to start out than a treatment that encourages you with immediately measurable results? This treatment is also excellent for reducing the appearance of stretch marks and for smoothing the dimples caused by cellulite deposits.   When losing your skin can lose elasticity and start to sag. Body wrapping can be a great support for any reduction program.

This treatment provides optimum results when performed in a series of 8 sessions.

Anti-Cellulite treatment:

Try it and flaunt it!!!!!!!!!! $120 and UP..


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