Holistic Treatments




Foot Detox : $65

Each day your body builds up toxins from the air you breathe and the food you eat. In order to avoid your body from becoming a toxic waste dump, internal detoxifying is a must. Sweating is nature's own detoxifying system. Your feet sweat. Your feet are actually a channel, a conduit, through which your body eliminates toxic wastes. However, there are so many toxins in your body that this ‘foot system’ needs help. Without help, many toxins will remain in your body.Many doctors recommend using ionic foot detox to get rid of toxins that can cause diseases.

Ear Candling

Ear Candling: $80
- each additional candle: $25

remove old wax and noxious toxins, helping to relive pressure, wax build-up and inner ear blockage

Colonic Hydrotherapy ...........30-45 min.$115

Prepaid Discounts: 3 prepaid sessions: $300 ($100 each) exp 3 months.

5 prepaid sessions: $475. ($95 each) exp 6 months.

7 prepaid sessions get 2 free . $805.($89.5 each) Regular $1035.

All above include FREE consultation and nutritional advice.

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This is a safe, painless, effective way to remove large quantities of
life-time waste and toxins from colon and affecting the condition of the entire body.



Enema: $65




Infra-Red Sauna $25

- With honey & Salt Purification mask: $50

Vichy Rain Shower: $25