The face is a roadmap to the entire body, reflecting your live being. All our facial treatments promote "whole" healing and balancing of the physical, mental and spiritual well-being for our clients.

European Facials

Busy-Bee Facials: 30 min-$70, . Express Facial ....
For the busy beauty, this mini-facial is perfect for a lunchtime boost!  A soothing massage, a gentle exfoliation and three masques leave you feeling relaxed and ready to take on the rest of the day.

Teenager's Facial: 40 min-$85

Deep Cleansing Facials: 70 min-$115. Deep cleansing and relaxing treatment to counter the effects an active life style. Your facial will include skin analysis, cleansing, steaming, exfoliation, and extractions, if needed. A mask for your skin type is followed by massage to the face, neck and decollate areas. Your facial is completed with an application of a moisturizer, eye cream and lip balm.

Chest or Back Facial: Clarity Back or Chest Treatment...........!! $90
With deep cleansing, thorough exfoliation and a customized treatment mask, you’ll receive
the essential maintenance needed to help clear up a problematic area. Dare to wear all those revealing outfits and don’t hesitate to show off your clear, radiant skin.

Antoinette’s Special Facial. 80 min-$155.Soothe your tired hands then dip them in our hot paraffin wax bath for an outstanding upper body experience! The ultimate in relaxation, this royal treatment includes face and decollate areas, neck and shoulder massage, skin analysis, cleansing, steaming, exfoliation, and extractions. Using specialty ampoules such as DNA, collagen or antioxidant vitamin serums, which are excellent for boosting hydration, tone, and elasticity for the skin.  A mask for your skin type is covered with mineral mask combined with earth and a sea derivative provides a gentle heat, which intensifies absorption of the beneficial ingredients and leaves the skin glowing.  Your facial is completed with an application of a moisturizer, eye cream and lip balm this treatment provides your face with a radiant, youthful glow.

You’ve had a busy day—you deserve the ultimate .

Collagen Facial: 70 min-$125. A luxurious treatment that incorporates natural collagen, elastin, amino acids, anti-oxidant vitamins and rose hip oil to revitalize, repair, and prevent signs of premature aging. Ideal for treating changes in mature skin affected by hormone fluctuations. Treat fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of elasticity. Provides increased penetration and absorption of skin care products.

Aromosence: 55 min-$115. A deep cleansing and exfoliating peel will restore your skin's radiance. The aromatherapy pressure point massage for face, neck and shoulder will stimulate blood circulation and revitalize the tissues. (This massage is ideal for smokers and people with sinus problems). Depending on your skin's needs, your Aromatherapy Facial Treatment may include aromas designed to work with your body's natural responses. The effects of various aromatherapy oils can help heal the body of unwanted toxins and stress, providing a powerful approach to well being.

Regenerating Facial: 70 min-$125. A truly rejuvenating facial with immediate results !!!!
 Perfect for sun-damaged or aging skin. Defoliant s Acid acts as a rapid defoliator, increasing cellular renewal that can reserve the damage caused by the sun, including superficial wrinkles, rough skin, hyper pigmentation and age spots This treatment is intensely exfoliating with glycoline and Alpha Hydroxy Acids. It helps speed cell renewal to dramatically refine texture and clarity while reducing the appearance of fine lines and diminishing blocked pores and imperfect Results vary by individual, but regular application of glycolic acid peels can improve skins tone, texture and clarity.
Series of six treatments recommended for maximum results and best-performed twice a month for three months .

Gentleman Facial: 60 min-$115. Even the man of the house needs a little pampering .
This facial treatment focuses on deep cleansing toning and the special needs of skin that is irritated by shaving. cleanse and restore fatigued skin due to environmental irritants, overexposure to the sun or inattention. Provides soothing comfort for sensitive skin by reinforcing its natural defense system. Don’t let her have all the fun.

King’s Louis Facial: 80 min-$145. The ultimate in relaxation, this treatment includes hands hot paraffin wax, face, neck and shoulder massage,  skin analysis, cleansing, steaming, exfoliation, and extractions. Using specialty propolis ampoule which are excellent for reduce skin inflammation. Treatment products formulated with calming algae’s and relaxing botanical extracts improve hydration, special needs of skin that is irritated by shaving.

Microdermobration Luxury: 60 min-$170.Micro dermabrasion gently blasts away spots and fine lines with exfoliating micro crystals. Even acne scars and areas of hyper pigmentation can be addressed with this treatment. With repeated sessions, skin will look younger and have a remarkably improved texture and appearance resurfacing; this Microdermabrasion treatment uses micro-ionized crystals to gently & effectively sloughs off dead skin cells.


High Performance Facials

*All this facials do not include deep pore extractions. If it is necessary,
it will increase price for $ 30.

Orange & Lime Facial: 60 min-$120. This anti-oxidant treatment prevents the signs of premature aging, provides healing and regenerative benefits, and stimulates collagen production to renew skin's firmness Blending a potent concentration of stabilized Vitamin C with the latest high-tech formulation of pure freeze dried seaweed, this specialized facial reduces fine lines, strengthens skin elasticity, restores a youthful appearance.

Fresh Breezing Facial: 60 min-$110. A treatment that actively purifies, clarifies, and decongests skin to brighten, renew, and revive. Especially effective for dehydrated, congested, dull, for acne-prone or hyper-pigmented skin. It starts with the application of an oxygen emulsion infused into the skin, a calming oxygen and milk mask, hydrating enzyme mask, and vitaminized oxygen spray. Fantastic for all skin types.

Mermaid Facial: 60 min-$120. Provides soothing comfort for sensitive skin by reinforcing its natural defense system. Treatment products formulated with calming algae’s and relaxing botanical extracts improve hydration, cellular cohesion Visibly enhance your skin’s texture and maximize hydration.

Facial from Provence: 60 min-$130. Our vitamin enriched Anti-Free Radicals treatment helps to strengthen and repair the skin while stimulating healthy cell production. By utilizing A, E and D to give your skin what it needs to function properly, you maximize its ability to target and protect against free radicals that contributes to wrinkles and premature aging. This dramatic treatment warms to allow the vitamins to penetrate the skin and then cools to seal them in and refine pores.

Rose Facial: 60 min-$120. Finally, a radical solution to your skin’s sensitivity! This alleviating treatment provides soothing relief to dilated capillaries, congestion, blotchiness and irritability. Green tea, French Rose, chamomile and licorice combine to calm your skin.

Hot & Cool Chocolate Facial: 60 min-$140.A truly rejuvenating facial with immediate results!!!!!!

Our Layered chocolate Facial is marvelous, using only the finest ingredients from earth to sea.  The first layer deposits rejuvenating amino acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements to help nourish, hydrate and tone the skin.  The second layer improves circulation and brings oxygen to the surface.  Then, seaweed nourishes the skin and aids in cell development.  Finally a cacao mask provides a gentle heat, which intensifies absorption of the beneficial ingredients and leaves the skin glowing .

Anise & Cinnamon Facial: 60 min-$125. Our Secret recipe...... We will treat you like Queen Marie Antoinette.

Side Dishes

These services may be added to Facial or Body treatments.

Eye Contour Treatment:$30.
Prevents and smooth wrinkles around the eyes, strengthens and firms the fragile eye area, while stimulating blood circulation, alleviating dark circles and puffiness.

Neck Treatments: $40. Repairs sun damage using a collagen mask and a tightening and smoothing ampoule. Quite effective at reducing the slack look of neck skin.

Power Repair Lip Treatment: $30. Permits Retinol to be released slowly, thereby visibly smoothing wrinkles and effectively rejuvenating the lip contour, helping to prevent lipstick bleeding
Uses restorative serum and treatment mask to reduce lines on and around lips. Most effective when performed in a series of six sessions, then maintain as often as needed.

Esthebuste Treatment for Bust and Décolleté: $60. Effective after nursing. Recommended in a series of 6 sessions.
The area between the chin and the lower bust line is the most delicate area of the body. It takes all the stress of life and shows the first signs of aging. This treatment helps to restore smoothness and firmness to this area with visible results.

**All these treatments can become mini-facials for an additionsl $20.


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